HOA Standardization For Uniform Quality And Home Presentation


Working with HOA’S to help set a quality standard for homeowners to have solar installed in their neighborhood.


America Solar Wholesale supports community solar programs in 26 states. This is how we keep ours costs extremely low without sacrificing top tier one quality equipment and solar panels.


Thanks to our sponsorship with the American Solar GoGreen Program we are able to provide homeowners with a complete turnkey installation. One hundred percent financing is available with a non-profit finance company as part of our payment redirect equity program.


We also support the HOA and enable it to do more for the community through the America GoGreen program by donating $200 to $500 for each home in the HOA’s area that participates in the program. One of the many benefits that homeowners will love about the American Solar GoGreen program is that our top of the line tier one systems can power a home even if the grid goes down. Homeowners can use this ample power to keep their refrigerator running, vacuum the home, cook, and make coffee during the day. Exceptionally efficient homes like the ones that have our quality systems installed will strengthen any neighborhood and build security and strength without sacrificing quality and power when you need it the most.